Cold Drinks Vending Machines

We stock a range of chilled drinks machines, whether you are looking to sell cans, bottles or a mixture of both. One of our most popular cold drinks vending machines is the BevMAX Media, which can be customised with bespoke graphics and multiple language options on screen. 

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Why should I invest in a cold drinks vending machine? 

Businesses invest in cold drinks vending machines for a number of reasons. In addition to keeping people healthy and hydrated, access to cold drinks can boost staff morale, make visitors feel more comfortable and improve your overall customer or guest experience. 

If you’re a business owner, you may be interested in the many financial benefits cold drinks vending machines can bring, too. When your staff are able to purchase cold drinks on site, they’re less likely to leave your premises in search of refreshment. This ultimately saves time, making your workforce more efficient and productive. What’s more, you won’t need to keep café services open out of hours, saving you considerable amounts of money. Similarly, if you’re operating in high-traffic areas, you already have a large customer base to tap into, giving you the perfect opportunity to generate additional income.

Our Cold Drinks Machines

The following cold drinks machines are available to purchase, rent or lease. If you would like more details or further advice on the best cold drink vending machine for you, simply get in touch with Best Vending Ltd. We’re always happy to hear from you and aim to respond within the same day.  

Can’t find the cold drinks vending machine you’re looking for? Not to worry! Simply contact Best Vending Ltd to discuss your requirements and we can advise you on alternative product options. 


We supply and install a range of Crane cold drinks vending machines, including popular BevMax options, which come a touchscreen interface, customisable graphics, LED lighting and a shopping cart function to facilitate multiple purchases in one transaction.  

Accepts coin, card and cashless payments

Optional media platform

Remote management option


Our state-of-the-art Coffetek cold drinks vending machines are energy-efficient vending models that can be used to dispense both cans and bottles. Sleek and modern, they blend seamlessly into a variety of commercial environments. 

Accepts coin, card and cashless payments

Dual temperature function

Customisable shelving configurations

Separate vs combination drinks machines 

Ultimately, the decision to install a separate or combination cold drinks vending machines is entirely up to you. The major advantage of opting for a combination machine is space. Having just one machine instead of two allows you to provide your staff, visitors and guests with the confectionary, drinks and snacks they need, without having to install two separate machines. Because Best Vending Ltd restocks your machines for you whenever they are low, you won’t have to worry about things running out more quickly, especially with our larger machines designed to hold lots of products. It might be a good idea to install separate machines in busier areas, however, as this will limit queue time and create a more relaxed user experience. 

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Why decide to lease or hire? 

In addition to selling top-quality machines, Best Vending Ltd also allows you to hire or lease vending machine for cold drinks. This allows you to generate income from the get-go, without the need for costly initial investment. When you decide to lease one of our products, you will enter into a lease contract with us for a fixed period of time. Contact us now for more information.

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