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Water is absolutely essential no matter what industry you work in. Best Vending Ltd stocks a wide variety of water dispensers, water coolers and drinking fountains, ensuring that you will always have fresh water available, regardless of budget or location.  

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The benefits of a Best Vending water cooler machine

Commercial hot and cold water dispensers offer a myriad of benefits. They make safe, great tasting drinking water available on demand, helping to keep staff and visitors alike well-hydrated. Moreover, they help you to create a more sustainable workplace, since having a mains-fed water vending machine reduces single-use plastic dramatically. It can also help to save you money. 

We believe that Best Vending Ltd is the best water cooler supplier in the UK. Here’s why:  

  • We care about our customers: our number one goal is your satisfaction. 
  • With Best Vending Ltd, you can purchase, lease or rent. 
  • We take care of everything, from cleaning, refills and maintenance to regular servicing and repairs. 

Our water cooler machines 

Water coolers and water dispensers are essential for any office. They allow employees to stay hydrated, keeping them healthy, alert and productive. What’s more, they are much more cost-effective than individual plastic bottles – not to mention, more sustainable. 

Point-of-use machines 

Point-of-use water dispenses are fed by your mains water supply. Also known as mains-fed water coolers, they have a built-in filtration system that purifies and cool the water they supply before it is dispensed. They come in a variety of sizes to meet your needs. 


No need for bottles = environmentally friendly

Advanced filtration for clean drinking water


Bubble-based water coolers consist of a large plastic bottle fitted into the top of your machine. Also known as bottle-fed water dispensers, they come in a variety of heights and sizes to meet your unique requirements. 

Don’t require access to mains water supply

Bottles can be cleaned and recycled

We frequently replace and restock bottles for you

Why install a water dispenser? 

The advantages of water coolers speak for themselves. Fresh, cold water helps to keep people happy and hydrated, further boosting productivity at the office. We’ve all heard of “water-cooler moments”, where short conversations with colleagues away from our desks can often lead to some of your company’s best ideas. Retailers and those working in the hospitality industry also benefit, since people are more likely to spend time at your hotel, shop or restaurant when they are able to meet their basic needs. The same goes for hospitals and other caregiving services, where it’s important to ensure people are healthy. 

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Water Coolers

Purchase, lease or rent with us

At Best Vending Ltd, we understand that not everyone will want to purchase their water coolers directly. We therefore give you the option to lease or rent, should you wish, whether you are looking for a short-term solution or require something more long term. With our cost-effective pricing, you are guaranteed to get the high-quality products you need at accessible rates, no matter which payment method you opt for. 

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