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Nowadays, people don’t tend to carry cash and often find themselves hungry or thirsty, unable to use coin-operated vending systems. That’s why Best Vending Ltd also offers cashless vending solutions, allowing customers to pay via contactless, either by card or by phone, in addition to using traditional payment methods. 

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Modern vending payment systems

At Best Vending Ltd, we’re passionate about providing our customers with the latest in vending innovation. That’s why we’ve sourced vending machines with the most up-to-date cashless vending payment systems on the market. Allow your staff, customers, guests and clients to pay using their contactless bank card or even via mobile phone, making life much more convenient for both you and them as a result. 

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Convenient cashless vending payment systems

Vending machines are designed to be convenient. Our contactless vending machine payment solutions are designed with ultimate convenience in mind. Coins and notes are no longer carried on a regular basis, so being able to pay by card or phone, therefore, makes things much easier for potential customers. Why miss out on sales by isolating a major proportion of your public? At Best Vending Ltd, we firmly believe that cashless payments are an essential part of modern-day life and feel every paid vending machine should offer contactless payment options as standard. Contact us to find out more or get a free quote. 

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A user-friendly interface 

The cashless vending machines we supply at Best Vending Ltd tend to come with touchscreen technology. This means that users no longer have to touch physical buttons to make their purchase, limiting the number of unhygienic surfaces they come into contact with – yet another advantage of contactless payments. What’s more, many of our machines come with a shopping cart function, which means that customers paying by contactless methods are able to select multiple products at once, without having to make separate payments. 

Alternative payment methods

At Best Vending Ltd, we accommodate a number of bespoke requirements. Many of our clients choose to set their vending machines to free vend, which basically means that their employees, pupils or visitors are able to select one of our delicious vending machine products without having to pay. We are able to set this up for you, in addition to enabling any other alternative payment methods, such as loyalty schemes that work using closed-loop cards. If you would like to know more about alternative payment methods, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

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